Message From Managment Desk

When we talk about education, it means developing such values as are enshrined in the Scriptures of various religions. Good education will bring awareness of one's social responsibility, consciousness and above all moral values which alone would take our county to the heights of fame.

Every Child is a born genius but is just inactive . A few are recognized and majority of them go unrecognized .this is fate with human beings . We show the seed to grow in the desert ,It is not the fault of the caretaker that , the seed does not pulsate to bloom enable it to emerge our with robust trunk ,branches, leaves,flowers,and fruits and nonetheless by standing in the scorching heat in the summer , rain and severe chill in the winter,it does serve the animals ,birds,human,beings by supplying fruit and shelter.Our mission is to make quality education accessible to the new generation who would determine the future of the country.

Jitendra Nath Singh

Smt.Suman Singh
(Managing Director)