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New Admission Open for Session 2024-25   Congratulations ! For the Commendable result in Class X & XII


Our Objectives

To Provide good Quality modern education with strong values of indian culture.To make a lerning a joyful experiance through modern interactive methods and use of educational technology.

Welcome to Jai Public School

Jai Public School is a Co-educational,English Medium School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education which was founded by our Founder/Chairman in the Year 2011, a step ahead to fulfill his dream of opening an eminent center of learning in the rular area.

The School is situated in Allaudinpur,Korauta,Varanasi Which provides all the facilities in the area of academics as well as sports Keeping a pace with the changing global education system so as to develop our students into good human beings,citizens and then above all good scholars so that they excel in any career they choose to pursue. The Magnificent building is constructed with latest architechrual design on 6 acres of land which has a big sprawling lawn and a ground for the sports. The lush green ambience of the Surroundings brings the school.

  • New Admission Open for Session 2024-25

    Admission Open for 2024-25 Nursery to class XI

    Class X CBSE Result

    School Topper
    ROSHAN ARYAN - 92.8%%
    PIYUSH VERMA - 91.8%
    NEHA YADAV - 89.4%

    Class XII CBSE Result

    School Topper
    RIYA KUMARI - 90%
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"Education turns mirrors into Windows" "Jai Public School continues with its relentless march to conquer new horizons. Nothing is static, Life moves on and with each passing day we gather new experiences which enrich our lives , We set before us new goals each year and our quest for excellence which enrich our lives.

We set before us new goals each year and our quest for execellence leads us on . Here at Jai public School the global trends in education have been seasoned with the magic touch of quality.

I believe that globalization is the only hope for peace and harmony in this world. Due to unprecedented advancement and innovation in science & Technology, the world has shrunken and become a global village. The core teaching of all religions is that the whole world is a family , vasudhaiva kutumbakam , and all of us are brothers and sisters.

The purpose of education is also the same. It is simply the soul of the society as it passes from generation to generation .

It leads to women's empowerment and elimination of social ills like child labour,fema;le foeticide and dalit exploitation . So it is the role of teachers to imbibe the value of humanity in the students.